What Is A Subwoofer

A subwoofer is a type of loudspeaker dedicated to the reproduction of bass frequencies that helps in re enhancing your sound experience. These are often used in movie theaters, game parks and other places like cars and nightclubs. A high power amplifier powers them. The need for these kinds of technologies grows as sound quality improves in all areas.

Today, tapes and the other older forms of technology like vinyl records are long gone. They have been replaced by newer and better technology like compact disks and particularly, 5.1 formats like Dolby digital. And to enjoy these sounds with their full effect good equipment is required. How do they work? Subwoofers are driven by drivers or woofers. They have cones ranging from 10 to 30 in size but usually a size 10 or 12 is preferred but higher ones can be used as well.

Higher diameters are preferred as they allow for high air pressures. The subwoofers are connected with the sound system and often hidden. These then amplify and produce the required frequencies giving pleasure and joy. Where and how are they used? Subwoofers are used in movie theaters for one thing. They give high quality sound clearly portraying each and every bit of the sound wave making you one with the actors in the movie. They are also used in live concerts.

Here, the sound system is hung up while the subwoofers connected to the set are placed just in front of the stage to give the best possible sound. In cars, they are hidden in the trunks and musical system manufacturers today compete to give the best possible sound. One major concern rising from this is that the high sound produced in the cabin of cars is not healthy for human beings. A technology has been developed where you connect a device to a subwoofer and you can feel the vibration of the sound like in virtual reality parlors. This technique was used on the release of Earth quake in 1974 where subwoofers were used to generate impacts and not sound.

This method of making you feel is also used in game parks and joy rides. It is to be noticed that subwoofers will not provide better sound more will they improve your current speakers. The subwoofer simply reproduces with clarity the lowest frequency. For this, you need to get better speakers and connect them up with a subwoofer. Usually, a subwoofer is connected with 5 satellite speakers and a stereo set. This technology has revolutionized the way we listen to things.

Today, companies like JBL and Sony produce music systems employing this technology for a better experience. When technology is trying to reproduce virtual reality, the subwoofer is a great step forward. As subwoofers come into picture, we begin to understand the power of pure unadulterated audio.

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