Knife Sharpeners From Warthog

Warthog knife sharpener are made far away from US, in South Africa. We used to get ivory from that country to make knives, but they are making their own products too. Warthog is delivering complete knive sets and kits as well as sharpeners for their blades. They are a company with good reputation and enourmous experience so their products are well known in the world.

Warthog offers a great service to our kitchen knives, pocket knives, hunting knives and other blades that need to be sharpened. If you wonder how this company got it's name, there is a simple explanation actually. They got the name from an wild animal whose tusks are razor sharp an are always ready to be used without preparations. Warthog multi purpose knife sharpeners are making your knives, chisels, scissors and other blades sharp and ready for any purpose you can think for them. the difference between Warthog knife sharpeners and other mafufacturers tools is that you do not have to draw a stone or a rod over the blade, there is a fixed oilstone over which the blade is being drawn. Bear in mind that there are lots of options to choose from when it comes to what these knife sharpeners can do.

First of all, you can choose which angle suits you best, from 17 to 35 degrees. And you have a 5 step system to use in this setting for your knives, while scissors can be sharpened from 60 to 90 degrees. Of course, when you want a 17 degree setting, you must take care of your blade well. Warthog knife sharpener is powerful and can damage your blade, so take care about that. The blade will be very sharp under the 17 degree angle and use this blade only on soft objects. If you need to cut something tougher, you can damage the blade, so use a 25 degree sharpened blade on those objects.

This angle is perfect for hunting knives who need both strength and sharpness. Sets and kits from Warthog are made in canvas puches or in wooden cases. You can choose wooden cases with jacaranda, rosewood or Rhodesian teak, among others. They are more expensive, but can be a perfect gift for a knife lover.

All sharpening kits have a double grit oilstone that is secured on a wooden base. There is an adjustable horizontal and vertical rod that guide the blade in favorable direction, one clamp to select a desired angle and other clamp for a chisel. You also get one bottle of honing oil to go with the Warthog knife sharpener kit. There are few other options that Warthog offers and some of them are diamond honing stones, stones for serrated blades and leather strops with a special compound.

You need them to remove the burrs when you finish knife sharpening. This prevents damage to the blade. After that, you will have extremely sharp knives, ready to be used for any purpose. With the kit comes a manual that helps you with some basics, describes you how to sharp your blades, clean them and how to prepare everything so you have a long term kit who will serve your needs.

If you want to find out more about Warthog knife sharpener types or about Accusharp knife sharpeners, visit our site that offers knife sharpener reviews.

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