Is Human Behavior Affected by Pheromones

There is a lot of research currently being conducted concerning pheromones and the role they play in human behavior. It has long been established that many insects, birds and animals are equipped with pheromones to excite or alter a specific behavior due to the scent emitted by the chemicals. For example, ants have been shown to use a natural chemical to mark the path between a food source and their nest for them and others to follow when returning with food. Researchers have documented that pheromones are natural scents that alter the behavior in those that come into contact with them. In many species the females emit a scent to let the males know they are available for breeding.

The males emit a scent to let females know they are ready for mating. The use of pheromones was first discovered in the insect world and later in mammals and there is recent research that shows many animals, including human beings exude certain chemicals mainly through their sweat glands that either attract or repulse others. Some of the chemicals have no effect on others in the species and additional research indicates that sexual preference also is involved in the type of reaction elicited by their release.

Different Scents Affect Different Behavior There are different types of pheromones that are used by the animal world to elicit different responses. Many dogs and cats, for example use territorial chemicals in their urine to mark their territory. Such action is common in houses with more than one animal as they will stake out their ground for other animals within the home making it clear who is the boss. Plants also use alarm pheromones to warn other nearby vegetation that danger exists.

The plants picking up the warning will then release chemicals to make them less appetizing for foraging herbivores. Pheromones are used by some animals can attract members of the opposite sex up to two miles away. Typically, this is used by females of the species to attract males and although its attractant initially is strong, it wear off quickly. Other attractants are meant to attract the males within a much closer distance and initially is weaker, but will linger in the air longer. Some in the animal kingdom, such as boars, use their ability to emit pheromones to find a willing mate. The males will send the chemicals into the air in a cloud-like form over a group of sows.

They then for the reaction of the sows and those that react to the scent are indicating they are ready and willing to mate. Depending on the strength of the chemical released the male can usually have their choice of available sows, but some sows may be more ready and willing than others and begin to fight for the opportunity. Studies In Mice Indicate Humans Are Affected Researchers have found that pheromones create a strong attraction to members of the opposite sex. This research is the foundation for marketing many products claiming incredible results. While perfume and colognes have been used for many years to make people more attractive, the idea creating the same desire in people as in animals, is very tempting.

Just as every person is different in their chemical make up, pheromones on humans will take on an aroma unique to the person wearing the scent. While the scent, straight out of the bottle may smell the same, or have no odor, it will represent a different scent on each different person wearing the pheromones.

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