How To Become Rich And Famous With The Right Singing Gigs

In order for a singer to survive in his chosen field, he needs to secure several gigs where he can show the audience exactly what he is made of. This is every singers dream as it is hopefully the start of their path to becoming rich and famous.

But how does the singer manage to get these gigs? Well, here are some steps to help him on his way.

1. First of all, he needs to get an agent. He will have to display his talents and hope a reputable agent will take him on. This way he does not have to find the gigs himself - the agent will do this on his behalf.

Its just a case of being able to organize his schedule.

2. He then needs to search the ads which are popping up everywhere these days. Magazines, newspapers and music related newsletters are good resources as they will have details of openings available such as bars with entertainment or a music lounge type of establishment. The World Wide Web, the television and radio are also full of information and the opportunities are there just waiting for him to showcase his talents.


He can, of course, place advertisements himself. If the perfect breaks do not fall into his lap then the performer has to sell his skills. He should include his contact information in his ad to ensure the best results come from the promotion of his talents.

4. He needs to be active in and around the industry of entertainment by joining associations and groups in relation to what he does best.

This is a great way to meet people who may well influence his career in the future.

5. He should sell himself as a complete package via websites or comparable opportunities. The recording of a sample song to present to a selection of recording companies, almost like an audition, is another useful way to raise his profile.


The performer needs to gather together all his prospective employers and use the option he has to move from one music label to another making an application to be their latest talent. It is also worth asking at hotels where entertainment is laid on to see if they require any new acts either now or in the not too distant future.

If the artist has worthy talents he only really needs one regular booking to get him started. Following on from this, word will soon spread and sooner or later people will actually be seeking him out instead of him having to look for venues to play.

With good management and a little bit of luck his big break may be waiting just around the corner.


About the Author (text)Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of MusicianHome.com, a site that provides information and articles for musicians at all stages of their development. http://www.musicianhome.com/

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