Follow the style standard feminine and classy

The dress style of European women is very stylish, attractive, classy and feminine. American women have become accustomed to dress much more plainly, adapting to corporate standards. When creating your wardrobe, look at purchasing classic pieces that will translate easily through each season. Choose pieces that are both classic in color, shape, and style. Make sure to select feminine pieces to add to your wardrobe, which are made of quality materials.

You want to make sure that the pieces last you beyond one season. Investing a little more money up front will allow you to enjoy quality pieces that will last for years if cared for in the proper manner. You will notice a big difference in how your clothes look and make you feel if you follow these principles. Quality materials drape your figure and flatter your strong points.

Finding your perfect colors can also help bring out tones in your skin tone and add pizzazz to any plain outfit. Key to your feminine and classy style is learning to find the perfect shape and style for yourself. Experiment with skirt, shirt and pant cuts. If the cut brings undue attention to a certain area ? it's not for you.

Also, make sure you don't hide behind wider cuts, thinking that you're hiding flaws. Embrace your curves and allow the cut and material to flaunt them (but not to the extreme?). If you can't escape the world of drab suits for a business setting, add your own feminine flair by wearing a tasteful camisole underneath, a shimmery blouse or your flattering color shirt. You want to also make sure that the business suit is the perfect cut for you. Who said that a suit has to be formless and boring? Plus, you could always wear a skirt instead of pants? I also want to point out that comfort with what you're wearing is absolutely essential.

It's okay to want to be a Fashionista, but if you are just wearing certain clothing and accessories for fashion's sake and don't feel comfortable, then leave those items for others to buy who do feel these items express their individuality. Also, if you are a person who loves suits and decide to become a jeans wearing type because your team wears them, stick to your suits. Don't try to be something you're not. Put the above into practice and create your new wardrobe.

It's all about femininity ? no more hiding behind drab and boring clothes! Copyright (c) 2007 MMC Lifestyles, LLC, dba MMC Style.

Marion Chamberlain is founder of MMC Style (http://www.mmcstyle.com ), an Internet store for European fashion accessories sourced from unique and highly-talented small design shops in Europe. The online store offers high-quality European fashion jewelry and leather handbags to those women who want to be unique. MMC Style (http://www.mmcstyle.com ) European fashion accessories are truly unique and can't be found in department or chain stores.

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