Challenges of Meeting New Friends

As the years roll by, you realize that meeting new friends is just not your cup of tea any more. And you wonder what went wrong and when things changed, when things got complicated and when your past experiences began to affect your present relationships. And you wished to God that you could turn back the clock to those happy childhood days. Those days when everything was simpler, when things were uncomplicated and when making friends was one of the easiest things you did when a smile, a nod, or just a gentle touch of the hand was all that was required to make a new friend. Don't lose heart. There is hope yet.

Perhaps you should take your cue from your neighbor's child. Put yourself in that child's shoes and you will see how easy it will become to meet new friends. As a child, things like color, creed, appearance, dimensions have no place while making new friends, only the goodness of the other person matters. It's like I said earlier, just a smile or a glint in the eye that can forge some of the best friendships ever. See people for what they are and you will see that you have more friends than you can handle. Now, let's assume you have just shifted to a new neighborhood.

The delivery truck has just moved in and the packers are unloading your belongings. And as you reach out to pull a bag out of the truck, you notice a curious bystander watching every move. What do you do? Erase any apprehensions and any preconceived notions that you may have. Instead, warm up, put a smile on your face and extend your hand in friendship. That's right, simply slip into a child's shoes and see how quickly you convert a mere bystander into your walking buddy or your gossip pal for the community events.

Another area where you can meet new friends is your workplace. However, a word of caution - be careful how you tread here. You won't want to jeopardize your work relationships because of any new friendships or vice versa. However, try and maintain a healthy balance and you will enjoy the fruits of both work and pleasure. One useful tip is perhaps to meet new friends from other departments in your workplace.

That ways you are not always in constant contact with each other to have any adverse bearings on your friendships and in fact will give your friendships plenty of room to grow.

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